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Wooden Kitchen

Cooking equipment,
Kitchen Supplies,
& Pantry Staples

Buy yourself some lentils (lentejas!):  

Buy yourself some garbanzos (chickpeas!):

nice wooden spatula with a flat end:

The Wusthof 8" chef’s knife I use:

Kunz Spoon:

Solid induction burner:

solid microplane:

immersion blender from KitchenAid:

nice paring knife of good value:

Good olive oil Option:  

decent, cheap metal fish spatula:

The cast iron Double Dutch ovens:

Lodge makes a classic cast iron Dutch Oven:

oven-safe glass baking containers with lids:

A great stand mixer option: 

For an incredible flattening stone:

I just started using the Smooth Q-3 iPhone stabilizer from Zhiyun:

For the Finch lavalier microphone I use from Pixel:

If you are in the market for a higher-end chef's knife:

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